Delivery Information

Delivery time is clearly specified in the product description, 90% of the products are sent usually within 1 to 30 minutes by our system after payment gets cleared by our Support Team. You can view the status of your order in your Order history. Some orders can take longer to be delivered, for further verifications or others, like the product went out of stock.

SLEEPING TIME! As everyone needs to sleep, we also have our break time, and during that time we disable auto delivery system, since we work with EUROPE GMT  Clock when our chat bubble says: SLEEPING TIME, DELIVERIES BACK IN THE MORNING, it means that when we back on work early in the morning all orders that were made during the sleeping time will be delivered. 

For security reasons, our system verifies all information sent to PayPal or the payment method that you used. Automatically, if the system detects an error, you Key will not be sent and must be reviewed by our team. This process can take up to 2 hours, We will have the right to accept or reject your purchase and return the money. You will have to use real information before you can purchase anything at our site. Any use of fraud information will result in a ban from Keys2u website.

a) All game keys and subscription codes are e-mailed to your verified email address once payment and buyer details gets 100% checked by us.

b) During busier periods please allow upto 2 hours.

c) For any codes purchased accidently we can not provide a refund.

d) As with all digital goods, once the key/code has been emailed we can not provide a refund.

e) All products must be fully paid for before codes will be sent. The codes remain our property before payment has been made in full.

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